Military Parade, Belgrade October 16 2014

Analysis of Serbian domestic and foreign policies with regard to relations with Russia, the European Union and countries in the region.



Heinrich Böll Foundation Belgrade and Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (http://instifdt.bg.ac.rs/) have started set of Lectures on Europe.

Contribution of Coalition 27 to Serbia 2014 Progress Report, Overview of Chapter 27: Environment and Climate Change.  

Coalition 27 consists of: Belgrade Open School, CEKOR, Environment Improvement Centre, GM Optimist, NGO Fractal, WWF Serbia, and Young Researchers of Serbia .

The Report was written with the support of Climate Action Network Europe and Heinrich Boell Foundation Southeastern Europe.

Education & Open Culture


To what extent should the private sphere limit the public one and vice versa – that was a subject of debate since the beginning of modern civil society in the 18th century, one that came to very much differing answers, historically speaking.


Due to computerization and automatization, knowledge-based capitalism creates societal wealth with less work. Two fundamental questions arise from this: if the society is producing more wealth with less work, how can it then render every individual’s income dependent of the workload delivered by that individual? And further, how the economic problem, namely that, under the given circumstances, exclusion of labor leads to the decrease of the means of payment brought in circulation (salaries) and thus to the decrease of solvent demands.


It is said that knowledge, besides capital, will become an increasingly significant production factor of the modern society.

Ecology & Economy

WWF reports on environmental issues surrounding recent floods in Serbia examines the UNDAC report (United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination) and, based on environmentally sustainable disaster recovery and reconstruction approaches, highlights other environmental impacts and opportunities for intervention.


Democratiozation Policy Council  policy paper by Bodo Weber and Kurt Bassuener.

European Youth Dialogue 2014, 8-11 May 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece

European Green´s  2013 Youth Policy Resolution


Perspectives Southeastern Europe (SOE) is a publication series of the SOE Desks of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. With this series, we intend to provide a German and European readership with an understanding of SOE perspectives, as well as an analysis of global trends and greater insights into developments and current political issues across the SOE region. Perspectives SOE focuses mainly on five countries in SOE where the foundation has established offices and/or is responsible for. These are Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Perspectives Southeastern Europe in its first issue is about young adults in the Balkans. It is about young people with a specific kind of transition to adulthood. The comparative analysis of some Eastern and Western European countries shows that the age-status transition was strongly standardized under communist modernization, and that the main events of transition to adulthood took place in more predictable ways compared to Western Europe.


A hard copy of this issue you can order from our Belgrade office.

A study undertaken to try to assess the environmental and economic consequences of a shift to “sustainable” agriculture in the four Western Balkan countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. The study aims to help policy makers and other stakeholders in the Western Balkan countries understand the potential positive impacts which could occur by investing in and designing sustainable policies for the agriculture sector.

Energija na drugi način

Three case studies which concider possibilities of improving energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in Serbia.

Executive Summary available in English.

Authors: Aleksandar Macura, Jasminka Young and Zvezdan Kalmar

"View from my window: Personal histories of Serbs and Albanians"

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